Cathy Alessandra

Cathy has been featured on cbs.com, career-intelligence.com, and The Les Brown Show on KFWB – Los Angeles.  She was named a 2012 Leading Mom in Business by Start Up Nation,was recognized as a 2011 Top Mompreneur by Babble.com and was a finalist in the 2011 Ali Brown Platinum Excellence Award.  Cathy is not only speaking on stages around the country but hosts her own events in Dallas and Los Angeles.


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“Cathy Alessandra along with the other Savvy, Talented and Motivating Speakers each provided Strategies and Suggestions that were applicable to Business in general; whereby allowing me to analyze and examine which ones were applicable for my Business.” Debbie Saviano“What an amazing, energetic, mind blowing event! Make sure you jump into the next one.” Tonya Hoffman“The content shared by each of the speakers was amazing. They were all so giving of information. I truly appreciated that it was not a total sales pitch. The overall feeling of the day was education, learning, and networking. This is my idea of a day well spent away from the daily grind of running my business.” Liz Mangelsdorf“The speakers were phenomenal.” Rebecca Moran


Cathy’s Speaking Topics:

Platforms for Profit: The Must Have Marketing Strategies for Outrageous Success!

Does the whole idea of marketing send you into confusion, chaos and overwhelm? You know it’s crucial to your success but you aren’t sure where or how to begin. And with all the different marketing options available, do you know what solutions are best for YOUR business and should be on your “must do” list?!

During Cathy’s presentation, you will learn:

  • Quick and easy marketing strategies you can implement right away with little or no cost
  • The most important marketing tools you must use in your business for massive results
  • Which marketing solutions are right for YOU and YOUR business AND how to use those to create a complete marketing plan

Entrepreneur to CEO: 5 Keys to Make the Shift and Create Success

Are you ready to play BIG in your business but everything seems to hold you back? Do you struggle, juggling your business and personal life? It’s time to take a stand and go from “just surviving” to fully thriving and create the business and lifestyle you crave!

In this session, you will learn:

  • The #1 most important thing you must have for SUCCESS
  • What you must be willing to do no matter what
  • How balance is achievable and the 2 easy steps to reach it
  • The 5 words every CEO must live by regularly
  • What a child’s toy can teach us about being a successful CEO

YES I CAN: The Essentials to Empower You to Finally Take Hold of Your Life and Own It!

Do you hear that negative inner voice saying “you can’t do that!” Do you put yourself last, to the point of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout? Do you feel a disconnect between everything and everyone but you truly want happiness and joy in your life?

Yes I Can is a movement for women sweeping across the globe. It’s all about quieting your negative inner voice, honoring yourself and taking control of your life. Many women hide their inner pain from the outside world, living a seemingly successful life to those around them. Yet they suffer in silence, never reaching out for support due to guilt, shame and fear. Speaker Cathy Alessandra gets real and raw, sharing the shifts she had to make to transform her life from barely surviving to fully thriving.

During Cathy’s presentation, you will learn:

  • The 3 crucial essentials to empower you into greatness
  • The agreements you have to make with yourself for true happiness
  • The first step you can take for a joy-filled life