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Inspirational stonesDo You Believe In YOU?

The journey of life – it can be so exciting! We dream dreams, set goals and begin the work to make it happen. But I have two questions….

  1. Have you done “the work?
  2. Are your committed to the “real work”?

The “work” is the inner work, the mental stuff. The belief in one’s self. The belief that you can do it. The belief that YES I CAN…. _______ fill in your dream!
The “real work” is the daily stuff – the physical tasks, the projects, the to-do lists to get you to your dream!

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“Believe You Can – and You Will.”

door open low resYou may have followed my journey since November of 2013. It required serious reflection and introspection. The journey led me through painfully pulling back the layers, getting real and being honest with myself. It continues and I’m amazed each day at the experiences and people that cross my path by NO coincidence. But I had to be ready – both in my head and in your heart! I had to be open to the possibility. And then, and only then, did the doors open and I could see what was right in front of me all along.

Here was the 1st key to my transformation……

I made a decision!
a DECISION to take care of ME!

transform 1aWhile my first #YESICAN goal was most visible (losing almost 70 pounds!), that was NOT my biggest or most difficult!

#YESICAN is NOT about the weight loss! While your big goal may be to lose weight, #YESICAN is much more!!

Without working on some of the other challenges in my life and taking care of ME, I would not have been able to release 70 pounds.

  • I was hiding in my business and playing small!
  • I was sabotaging my marriage.
  • I was taking things personally and making assumptions.
  • I was holding on to old beliefs.

By doing “the work”…

  • My business is booming!! I’m traveling and speaking all over the country, my magazines are expanding and I’m being seen as the expert I am in my field!
  • My 28 year marriage is solid, happy and vibrant! We are having FUN together!
  • I’m able to release things, not taking them personally, asking questions and not making assumptions  – and understanding their issues are not about me – what a great place to be!
  • And yes, I’ve released 70 pounds!
  • I’m 50, FABULOUS and never felt better – in so many ways!!!

yic journey headshotsI had used food to numb my pain, fear, doubt, guilt and shame. And while food may or may not be your coping tool, I’m pretty certain that you experience some of the same fears, doubts, guilt, and shame as I had. Like it or not, our personal struggles are very much tied to our business success!


Here is What I Learned….

CoasterI liken my journey to a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs, twists and turns, thrills and excitement! But there were common threads throughout the journey.

There are 4 core principles I discovered:

  1. Be BIG! This has to do with your BIG vision. The vision of yourself and where you want to go and who you want to be! I needed faith – in myself and my vision. I needed confidence. I had to pull back the layers and discover who I was. I took time to enter the process and go through the discovery!
  2. Be BOLD! Once I understood my big vision and renewed my faith, it was time to own it. And this means stepping out and being bold. It starts with you and your confidence. I stepped onto stages and starting sharing my very real, raw story in a bold way that surprised many, but resonated with the masses. I had to stretch and be uncomfortable!
  3. Be BRIGHT! You must let your light shine. It’s about resilience. Whatever the challenges you face or obstacles you encounter, it’s being able to come back and say #YESICAN!
  4. Be YOU!! You are like no one else. You are a masterpiece – a work of art. Stop comparing yourself to others. Step out into the world as your own original self – and watch what and who you attract! You’ll be amazed!

Are You Ready?

april 2015 YIC shotI am inviting YOU to get your YES I CAN on…. to start your journey! Are you in??

Your #YESICAN goals may very likely be different from mine – but with my mentoring, support, accountability and the #YESICAN community, you will be encouraged to push past the doubt, the fear, the struggle and the uncertainty and strive to say #YESICAN!

Yes I Can is my give back, my pay it forward. I had so many people enter my life during this time – who paid it forward to me on my journey. It’s something I feel passionate about – something at the core of my being to help you! Sharing my challenges, my struggles, is in hope that you will find inspiration to succeed and comfort in knowing you are not alone – and be given the tools I used to make it happen. I’m here ready to support you!

The community is FREE! Yes, FREE! The membership level is $47 for the WHOLE YEAR! And that’s because I know you are more committed with a little “skin in the game”! But that money will go to our 501(c)3, Operation Yes I Can! And then there is our Power Track with accountability with me! Read on…..

Are You Committed?

If you are committed and know you want to step up and Be Big, Bold and Bright, read on to pick the option right for you!

The Yes I Can Community

This is an easy yes! We have a Yes I Can community Facebook page with daily inspiration! Click here to like it and join the community! AND if you complete the form below, you’ll receive #YESICAN worksheets plus the first 30 days of Your Daily YES™ inspirational emails into your inbox!

Yes I Can Membership

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I would not be successful in reaching my #YESICAN goals without the support of those around me! I have multiple accountability partners, mentors and associates that help support me in various areas of my life – giving me a kick in the butt, a virtual hug when I need it most – or a high five to celebrate!

As part of Your Daily YES™ and the #YESICAN Community, you will receive:

  • The specially designed weekly #YESICAN personal planner with weekly guidance from me!
    PrintEvery Sunday, you’ll receive a new weekly planner sheet. The planner will come with inspiration and direction from me, sometimes in writing, other times via audio or video message – helping guide you through the process of pulling back the layers to find your true #YESICAN dreams, creating your measurable goals to get there, defining the tasks to make it a reality – and getting the support you need!
  • The Your Daily YES™ email
    A daily reminder and inspiration is essential to your success. I still take time EVERY DAY to be inspired and reflect! This one or two sentence email will help keep you connected to your life’s dreams and goals!
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Yes I Can POWER Track

This level adds the accountability piece! I had a few critical people in my life during this time – all with accountability. I truly believe THAT is what made a big difference for me!

The Yes I Can Power Track includes:

  • The specially designed weekly #YESICAN personal planner with weekly guidance described above
  • The Your Daily YES™ daily email described above
  • The Monthly Motivation Monday call
    Join Cathy the 4th Monday of every month for inspiration and group coaching and support around your #YESICAN goals.
  • An invitation to join a special SECRET hidden Facebook group
    In this very special group, I will share from my heart to yours. It may be a challenge or struggle, it may be a success or celebration – but it will ALWAYS be inspiring, empowering and supportive for you on your journey! When you are comfortable, I will ask you to join the conversation and share as well, encouraging a safe, supportive environment for all!
  • Accountability Partners
    As I’ve said over and over again, accountability is a critical part of success! In this level, you will have an accountability partner. It’s an opportunity to be supported and support someone else in the journey!

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“Fear stops us – it’s our biggest distraction! SUCCESS is a mindset!”
YES I CAN is committing to yourself! It’s about believing in YOU!