Your Daily YES

yes clouds low resYour Future is ALL about #YES I CAN!

Are You In?

It’s a world overflowing with new possibilities! It’s so exciting! We create dreams, set goals and begin the work to make it happen. But I have a question…. have you done “the work”?

The “work” is the inner work. The belief in one’s self. The belief that you can do it. The belief that YES I CAN…. _______ fill in your blank! If you are ready to do the “work” and stand up and say YES I CAN to your dreams and goals, read on! I have a special invitation for you!

“Believe You Can – and You Will.”

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I’ve been on a journey – one of serious reflection and introspection. The journey has led me through painfully pulling back the layers, getting real and being honest with myself. It continues and I’m amazed each day at the experiences and people that cross my path which, I am certain, are NO coincidence. You have to be ready – both in your head and in your heart! You have to be open to the possibility. And then, and only then, do the doors open and you can see what was right in front of you all along.

Since November of 2013, I’ve taken a step back — taking time to read, meditate, reflect and be aware of all that is around me. Many signs were shown to me along the path – ones confirming my direction, others not. But over and over again, the signs to take time away, alone and quiet kept appearing. I spent 24 hours away, alone – with a commitment to stay offline and not really communicate with the “outside” world (admittedly, this was not easy for me).

I made a decision to be content, happy, joyful
and aware of all the greatness around me.

transform 1aThen it happened… the “sign” I’d been looking for….one Saturday afternoon at the gym, a woman walked in. The gym was nearly empty but her shirt immediately grabbed my attention. It was sparkly and pink and said “One Woman Can”. I immediately jumped to YES I CAN … and my head swirled with ideas of how to support others in their “YES I CAN”!

But this goes further and deeper than business! Much deeper. It’s personal. And I’ve typically stayed away from the deep “personal” … but not anymore. Because I’m pretty certain that you experience some of the same fears, doubts, guilt, and shame as I had. And like it or not, our personal struggles are very much tied to our business success!

Publication2I have BIG #YESICAN goals and dreams. I’ve already met my biggest one of all -getting healthy and losing 60 pounds in 2014! Plus a few others you’ll hear about in my new program!

I’m excited to announce Your Daily YES™!
Are You Ready?

I am inviting YOU to walk the path with me in one of the two ways below. Your #YESICAN goals may very likely be different from what I had – but with my mentoring, support, accountability and the #YESICAN community, you will be encouraged to push past the doubt, the fear, the struggle and the uncertainty and strive to say #YESICAN! I’ll be sharing more of my story, struggle and success – things I thought I would NEVER share, but WILL help you!

women community low resOption #1 – Join Your Daily YES™ and the #YESICAN Community and
receive a FULL YEAR of daily support for less than $5 per week!
  • Do you hear that negative inner voice saying “who do you think you are – you can’t do that” – or “you aren’t smart enough, thin enough, good enough”?
  • Do you put yourself last, to the point of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout?
  • Do you feel a disconnect but you truly want happiness and joy in your life?
  • Do you DESIRE MORE out of life?
  • Are you ready for TRANSFORMATION?

Would you like to have direct connection, mentoring, support and accountability
to dig deep, shift your mindset, and get the results you truly desire?

Join Your Daily YES™ and the #YESICAN Community RIGHT NOW for 1 FULL YEAR for just $197!

I would not be successful in reaching my #YESICAN goals without the support of those around me! I have multiple accountability partners, mentors and associates that help support me in various areas of my life – giving me a kick in the butt, a virtual hug when I need it most – or a high five to celebrate!

As part of Your Daily YES™ and the #YESICAN Community, you will receive:

  • The specially designed weekly #YESICAN personal planner with weekly guidance from me!
    PrintWhen you join, I’ll mail you a special binder to keep all your #YESICAN together! Then, every Sunday, you’ll receive a new weekly planner sheet. The planner will come with inspiration and direction from me, sometimes in writing, other times via audio message – helping guide you through the process of pulling back the layers to find your true #YESICAN dreams, creating your measurable goals to get there, defining the tasks to make it a reality – and getting the support you need!
  • The Your Daily YES™ email
    A daily reminder and inspiration is essential to your success. I still take time EVERY DAY to be inspired and reflect! This one or two sentence email will help keep you connected to your life’s dreams and goals!
  • The Monthly Motivation Monday call
    Join Cathy and various experts every month as they teach and share in the areas of mind, body and spirit.
  • An invitation to join a special SECRET hidden Facebook group
    In this very special group, I will share from my heart to yours. It may be a challenge or struggle, it may be a success or celebration – but it will ALWAYS be inspiring, empowering and supportive for you on your journey! When you are comfortable, I will ask you to join the conversation and share as well, encouraging a safe, supportive environment for all!
  • PLUS special invitations and discounts to #YESICAN workshops and retreats.
  • AND RIGHT NOW, I have a SPECIAL BONUS to share …
    • Sign up today and receive the #YESICAN journal – a special notebook to keep with you to jot down your aha’s, ideas and dreams – AND a special recorded hypnosis CD, “Stress Relief” from Rita Black! Available until they are gone!!!

Are You READY to get your #YESICAN ON?

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“Fear stops us – it’s our biggest distraction! SUCCESS is a mindset!”
YES I CAN is committing to yourself! It’s about believing in YOU!